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Frequently asked questions.

If you need to know more feel free to contact me.

Take a look at my dread info page for more information on ordering synthetic dreads


Do you take custom dread orders?

I am currently closed for custom dread orders indefinitely. However if I do have any custom slots available I will post about it on my Facebook and Instagram account.



Do you have any feedback for your dreads / shop?

Yes, you can view my etsy shop feedback HERE.

I also have a feedback poll on the hair extension society on facebook HERE.



Can you tell me how to make dreads?

I am more than happy to answer any questions about synthetic dreads. However there are many many helpful videos, links and groups out there. I have made a list of useful links over on my blog.


What are single and double ended dreads? What is the difference?

Click here to check out my article explaing this.



How do you install dreads?

Here are links to two very good videos

How to install double ended dreads

How to install single ended dreads

You can also have your dreads as 'falls', the dreads are attached to elastic which you can then tie around your pony tail or pigtails.


Can I wash my hair with dreads in?

Yes you can! Squeak Machine has a great photo tutorial which you can see HERE


How long will the dreads last?

Your dread set can last you forever if you look after them properly and you can install them into your hair many times.

Dreads can be washed and if you think your dreads need a bit of maintenance just send me a message.


What are dread falls?

Click here to view


How do I get my handmade shop / business featured your blog?

Click here to view how to be featured


Can I model your dreads? (or review them on my blog, youtube etc)

From time to time I do look for models /reviewers to work with. I usually post about it on the Facebook page when I do, so keep a look out :)

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